"New music must walk many fine lines. It has to be just familiar enough to appease listener sensibilities, yet just new enough to maintain interest. Too much consonance is boring; too much dissonance is incomprehensible. Use of the same musical material too much is overbearing, but too little makes the music hard to understand and follow. Develop a piece too quickly, and the subtleties are lost; too slowly, and attention spans wander. To me, music is a living, breathing organism that must be allowed to develop naturally of its own accord. My job as a composer is to be attentive to the needs of the music and find the right balance of materials that will allow it to live and breathe."

- adapted from Composers on Composing for Band, Vol. IV (GIA Publications, 2008)


Musician, composer, arranger, conductor, educator, sometimes performer - Matthew Schoendorff has been called many things. He generally ignores all those labels and prefers instead to listen to and write music that interests him.